On to New Homes

A list of produced Foals since our first foal crop in 2016! Some we have retained, pictured below are the ones that have gone onto wonderful new homes.

2020 Foals

*Poderoso's Regal Contessa

*Poderoso's Zephyr

*Poderoso's Rock My Heart

2019 Foals

Poderoso's Nashtime Davina

Poeroso's Ragtime Darlin

Poderoso's Titanium

Poderoso's Razzmatazz

2018 Foals

Poderoso's Smokin Thunder

Poderoso's Sweet Delight

Poderoso's Hidden Hope

Poderoso's Silver Genesis

Poderoso's Ebony Moon

2017 Foals

The Poderoso Chipeta

The Poderoso Easter Lilly

2016 Foals

The Poderoso Valentine

The Poderoso Da LaMoose

The Poderoso Tanner

The Poderoso Cream Dream

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