Mares owned by Poderoso Owners Cody & Tresa Bowden 

2017 Dunskin Morgan 

Ee AA Dd nCr

(HMSTD Cream of the Crop X HMSTD Buckwheat Betty)

This stunning Filly is HUGE! She is already over 15hh and is very big boned. She has an old injury from when she was a yearling that may or may not render her unrideable. however we are hopeful that on top of being an incredible asset as a broodmare that we will be able to utilize her under saddle as well.   

2012 Morgan Mare

Hang N Storm Warning

(Season's Pure Country X Alibi Trianna)


We've owned Storm since 2014 and though she may be short she is "mighty"! This little go-getter never misses a beat. I started this mare in 2015 and she has been my personal riding horse since. She is a touch sassy and very smart. When she was just young she had learned how to open the horse trailer door with her teeth in an attempt to find apple treats. She is a wonderful go to mare that has taught our 2 yougnest kids to ride.



2007 Morgan Mare

Icestorm Of Monarch

(Firestorm Of Monarch X Brandi N Ice)

Wednesday came to us in 2015 as an anxious unridden broodmare. She has been trained completely by our oldest son on his own. They are a great little team who have an endearing bond. Wednesday has became the most wonderful partner a young man could ask for. She is a beautiful, kind mare with a loving sensitive heart.



2007 Grulla Morgan Mare

Lady Dun D Duchess

(Ragtime Dun D X Liberty Bend Lady JL)


Duchess who we purchased in 2018 is a daughter of our previously owned and loved Morgan Stallion Ragtime Dun D. Duchess is a super pretty full bodied Morgan mare with lots of type. She has her sires gorgeous baby doll head and his lovely disposition. Very easy to handle and have around. She is unsound to ride due to an injury she acquired as a 2 year old. 



2019 Bay Dun Morgan Filly

Poderoso's NashTime Davina (Ragtime Dun D X Nashboro Guinevere)

Oh baby Davina hails from 2 of my favorite old breeding programs. Ragtime and Nashboro, this filly is ohhhhh so cute and is an absolute LOVE. She has a chunky build, baby doll face, love me love me personality and color to boot! 

2016 Black based gray Morgan Filly

(RDK's Quick Silver x Rain Honest Delite)

14.3hh and growing

Who doesn't love a Dapple Gray??

We acquired Teagen in 2019 and are thrilled about her. She is a smart sensitive Filly which makes her really easy to train. I have wanted a quality Gray Morgan for my Program since the beginning. I can't wait to get this filly started next spring and hit the mountain on her. She will also produce some absolutely stunning Foals for us as well! 

2014 16.1hh

Phantom Princess

Moriesian Mare

(Phanton of Noble (Ster) X Salene's Royal lady) 

 Adele is a clients horse who is young, well bred and a wonderful riding horse. She is a big mover, as she has one of the biggest strides we've ever seen. Her tall legs and big stride make her comfrotable to ride for many hours. She is a lovely breed amassador for visitors.

2014 15.2hh

Lengendarische Star aka Stella

Turbo Mare (Friesian x Arabian)

We are so excited to have added Stella and her filly to our program. Stella is incredibly beautiful, kind and a gorgeous floaty mover. We have owned some amazing Arabian crosses over the years that we have really enjoyed. I have claimed this mare as "all mine" I can't wait to start her under saddle this fall. 


2018 16hh (expected)

Turbo Filly

Elegance Defined aka Lucy

(Sjoerd X Legendarische Star) 

This Filly is sired by 74 time World Champion Sjoerd. Lucy is 3/4 Friesian 1/4 Arabian and registered as a Turbo Friesian. She exudes friesian when she moves. She is a gorgeous filly with excellent breeding and the best part is she is a black based Gray!! This girl is an absolute DREAM... Watch as she matures


Mares under Poderoso's breeding Program owned by Orlan & Donna Anderson 

2011 Morgan Mare

Mia-Mar Tama

 (carries the Silver gene) 

(ee AA nZ)

(Zeulners’Marvelous Robert X Small Acres Rendezvous)


Acquired in 2017, Tama is the most petite mare in the Program but she produces stunning, larger foals. her 2017 Filly outgrew her at just a year and a half. Tama is a sensitive mare that took some time to trust but her foals are the "friendliest" foals ever. They love people and literally prefer to be with you rather than other horses. She is green under saddle and is a go-getter to ride.

Tama's Foals


2006 Morgan Mare

Poderoso's Black Raven

Morgan Mare

(MRM Black Jack X Highland Ridge Daisy)


Raven is a mare that Cody and I owned as a 3 year old. We then sold her to my Grandad who let the grandkids use her on the mountain to gather cattle. My parents got her from my Grandad to use in the Program. Raven's Great Grandsire Fox Trim Classic was the first Morgan Stallion to pass the 100 day Hanoverian Test. This mare stands 15.2hh and is the smoothest easy going riding horse. My dad and the grandkids use her for everything and anything. She is a wonderful, wonderful all around mare!




2016 Morgan

CFR Justa  Copper Kiss

(S Bar B Chingadero x Bela's Cocoa Justine)

We made the long drive to Macklin, Saskatchewan to pick up Copper and Annie pictured below fall of 2019. Copper is tall standing 15.1+hh at age 3. She is a big fancy Filly that moves smoothly in a big way. We have ground worked her some this fall and she handled everything we put in front of her well. She is smart and really seems to bond with her handler/trainer. This fancy girl is going to be an absolute smooth riding mountain horse deluxe and she will certainly produce foals with SIZE. 

2016 Chestnut Morgan Filly


S Bar B Chingadero x Bela's Blue



Brought from Canada fall 2019

 Oh Annie, she is short but she is a DOLL! Annie is so quiet, she has never seen as much as a saddle blanket yet I can set on her bareback and ask her to follow her nose around. She is always like oh you want me to do that? Okay! This mare once only shown what to do will be another one of the kids and grandkids horses.  

2017 Brown Silver Morgan Filly

The Poderoso Easter Lilly

(Derawnda Zeus X Mia-Mar Tama)

*Photos above taken as a yearling, updated photo collage coming soon*

Lilly is the true definition of a "pocket pony". She is so much in your pocket, that almost drives ya crazy somedays! She will come from way off afar to be with people and gets in the middle of "everything". She has gotten herself into many precarious places because of her curiosity. Lilly is the friendliest loving horse here and our farm would never be the same without her. She was claimed by our youngest the day she was born and he counts the days until they can gallop the mountainside together. We look forward to many years with this character.

Indi 2012 16.1hh

Morlander Mare

1/2 Friesian 1/4 Andalusian 1/4 Morgan

We purchased Indi from a wonderful man in Colorado fall of 2019. Indi was initially coming to Poderoso on consignment to sell. However over the last 2 years my mother Donna has lost two of her best riding horses. Her personal Moriesian riding mare Poderoso's Ebony Knight and recently my parents lost their anyone could ride Friesian mare to Cancer. Indi is still young, hadn't been ridden in a year and came with a foal on her side. We were excited but did not get our hopes up that Indi could help fill a void Indi worked out to be everything my mother has needed. Indi is the kindest old soul who does not have a mean bone in her body and is the most pleasing mare. She is gentle and does not have any bad habits, issues or nervous behavores. She is a big stunning mare that we feel increidble blessed tohave entered our lives when she did. She will live out her days he loved and treasured! 

Poderoso's Ebony Moon

2018 Moriesian 

(Olivier. R.S. x Poderoso's Black Raven)

This filly is absolutely gorgeous and a "great" example of the Moriesian breed. She already has a lush mane and tail, she has a lovely disposition and is going to be big like her sire and Dam. She has large bone a pretty baby doll head and is a beautiful lofty mover. She is a great Moriesian breed ambassador for visitors to the place. 

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