Together with my husband and our 3 kids we are raising Raising Friesians, Morgans and Moriesian Horses in beautiful Eastern Utah. I developed my love for the Morgan horse early in childhood from my Grandpa Anderson who started into Morgans in the early 70's. With the love of the Morgan horse in my blood, I too had an afar admiration for the Friesian Horse. Both the Morgan and Friesian horse are known for their easy train-ability and excellent people loving dispositions. Bred together is a result called the Moriesian horse! The Moriesian horse is an incredible cross that gets the stamina and versatility of the Morgan with the Noble Charisma of the Friesian. The Moriesian breed is certainly a unique breed and truly one of the most beautifully blended crosses of today. Curious about the Friesian, Morgan or Moriesian Horse??? We invite you to satisfy your curiosity and experience the "Unforgettable Magic" of these horses for yourself!



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Poderoso's Silver Genesis was the first and is currently the only Black Silver Moriesian in the World!


A careful creation, we are excited and thrilled to have produced the breeds first Black Silver Moriesian. A little history in the making "Genesis" stands for the formation or beginning of something. As the stunning Moriesian breed grows we are excited for the fun addition of the Silver and Dun genes being introduced into the breed!

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