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Raising Friesians, Morgans and Moriesian Horses in beautiful Eastern Utah with a focus on the rare Dun and Silver color genes. Making our foals a little extra special in addition to their beautiful minds, conformation and breed type! The Morgan, Friesian and Moriesian horse excel on the diverse and often rugged riding terrain that our beautiful state has to offer. We enjoy using our horses for Trail, Big Game Hunting, and for Working Cattle. We invite you to browse over the pages of our website and hopefully come to experience the truly unforgettable difference of the Morgan, Friesian, and Moriesian horse!



Poderoso's Silver Genesis was the first and is currently the only Black Silver Moriesian in the World!


A careful creation, we are excited and thrilled to have produced the breeds first Black Silver Moriesian. A little history in the making "Genesis" stands for the formation or beginning of something. As the stunning Moriesian breed grows we are excited for the fun addition of the Silver and Dun genes being introduced into the breed!

Using our Horses for what we love most! Hunting, Working Cattle, and Leisure Rides with the Kids.

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